Sunday, April 3, 2011

ARe you HAPPY no, Coclburrs?

fEIn, I'n fine ok? wold you stpo woworrtin about litl eold me. ?I' couldnt lock the guncbinte becuse the ky woujnd't go in the lovk. oHw dumb isat? you Gott have thkey to LOCKL the gunlck,. so it's notlcked cOCKlbrs but I tried. everynoe TrieD, even me. inkwo you were woried that Id' do somthing dtupid bti ypou don't have worry. yoU institisted t,hough. so here it is. I"l get beack on my feet again sooon. .theF loor is uncormfortabal, yo knw that/?


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